April 11, 2012

Our REALLY Big News

Most of you have already heard our REALLY big news already, but I wanted to tell the whole story on here in case anybody wanted to know the details.

Four years ago, Steve and I decided that we were in the point in our marriage where we wanted a baby. However, I have something called Poly-cystic Ovary Syndrome which makes getting pregnant without fertility aids extremely difficult. We originally went to a fertility doctor, but after spending a thousand dollars in one month, without any help from insurance, we realized that this wasn't the direction for us. More importantly, I realized that my attitude had been wrong from the get-go. I had kind of been thinking that I could just go to the doctor, go on some fertility medication to promote ovulation, and that would solve everything. I did not go directly to God in prayer. So we backed off from doctor's visits all together and have relied on prayer and some natural alternatives. 

We have been through an emotional roller coaster over the past four years. Every month brings hope, then despair. Every announcement of a friend or family member having a baby brought joy and sadness. Saying that it has been difficult, for me especially, is an understatement. Knowing that there are women out there who have been going through this for far longer than we have, or who have dealt with miscarriage also, I know our story seems mild in comparison. Going through it was not easy. 

About a month ago, I sat with Steve and told him that I wanted to start seriously considering adoption. This ache for a baby is so overwhelming, that at times I feel like I can't breathe. Though adoption is something we have always wanted to do, not matter what, Steve didn't feel the press to consider that option right now the way I did. He suggested we start saving money to do this in the future. I began praying then and there that if God wanted us to adopt he would make it very clear to us.

Fast forward to last week. The two of us were sitting on the couch watching The Muppet Movie, of all things, when Steve announced a text from his parents. A friend of a friend of the family is six months pregnant with a little boy and wants a private adoption. Are we interested? 

Since then, everything has just flown! 

There have been so many little things that point to God's hand so clearly being in this. For one thing, the situation is VERY similar to the situation surrounding Tyler's adoption.  When I shared the details with him, he said, "Well that sounds familiar!" He now thinks they are like twins thirteen years a part! We even already planned our yearly camping trip to the area where the baby will be born for the week he is due! So there's no finagling of our schedules needed in order to be up there on time. I had also planned to renovate the room that will be the baby's room during this summer (it currently has stained pink carpet in it), and had started saving for the renovations a few weeks before this. The baby's birth mother also has a feeling of peace since speaking to us. The list of "God things" goes on!

Right now, we are working on getting all of the legal side of things in order. If you would like specific things to be praying for, the following is a list of prayer requests:
  • A healthy baby!
  • The baby's birth mother, that God would bless her and help her through this difficult time.
  • Continued discernment for the mother, and Steve and me.
  • Strength and energy as we not only put the baby's room together, but also plan for Steve's sister to move in with us, a plan that was already in place before this.
  • Financial concerns- this was so sudden and unexpected that we do not have any money set aside for attorney fees, baby furniture, etc. 
  • The legal process.
  • The baby's father.
  • Time management- the next few weeks will be crazy busy for us!
  • Peace, for both Steve and me as we are overwhelmed (in a good way) emotionally and are soon to be overwhelmed physically.
  • Our relationship with the mother and her family leading up to the adoption. 
  • My time with the mother during the delivery; at this point it seems like I will be able to be with her for the actual delivery, and I may be the ONLY person with her.
Thank you all for your prayers and support!


  1. SO SO SO incredibly excited for you guys! i remember praying that exact prayer a little over a year ago... and boy does God make it clear when we boldly ask! praying for you and steve as you prepare for your new arrival!
    kristen :)

  2. p.s. i love that you now have a label called "baby" !!! :)



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