February 05, 2014

German Pancakes

We had another snow day today. Of course that means I no longer have President's Day weekend off, but if that means not having to drive in this mess, I'm okay with that.

Steve had off today too, so I made a tasty breakfast for us to celebrate the snow day (and the fact that I gave myself my first injection, haha).

I've been craving German pancakes which aren't super good for you, but I made the healthiest version I could (white whole wheat flour, raw milk, organic eggs).

We top them with whatever tastes good. I usually use sugar (I used raspadura this time). Steve prefers jam or peanut butter (we were out peanut butter). They are very much like crepes only thicker.

As I was making them, I couldn't help but think about how many thousands of times German pancakes have been made in that kitchen over the past twenty plus years.

How many times did my Oma make them for grandchildren (all nine of us) or great grandchildren (all fourteen of them)? I remember spending the night when I was little. I would sleep in the spare room with the scary monkey doll sitting on the headboard. When I was very little, I would sleep in bed with Oma and Opa. They had a TV in their room, and I remember falling asleep watching Roseanne after telling Oma that we weren't allowed to watch that show at home (I felt so guilty for watching it and so guilty for telling Oma it was a bad show, haha).

In the morning, I would get up with Opa and he would make me chocolate milk in a baby bottle with Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck on it. I was too old for a bottle, but not so old that I'm too embarrassed to share that part, haha.

 Then I started thinking about all of the other meals that were made in that kitchen. All of the pancake soup, goulash, potato balls, chicken paprikash, farina (that was another common sleepover breakfast), German apple cake, halushki, pies (apple, raspberry, stawberry, and peach), Christmas cookies (Oma and Opa kept the heat off in their bedroom and master bath and Oma would store boxes upon boxes of Christmas cookies in the shower they didn't use because it was as cold as a refrigerator in there), green bean and ham soup, and chicken soup.
Thousands of meals have been lovingly prepared in this kitchen. Thousands of laughs shared with friends and family. It's going to be hard when we have to leave it behind. 

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