August 07, 2013

Painting Our Cabinets White

For awhile I've been wanting to pain our cabinets white. I had planned to do it during Easter break, but chickened out. I finally decided to do it before I run out of time this summer. It's not done yet; I still have to paint the top cabinets, but here's a preview.

First, let me remind you what it looked like when my Oma and Opa owned it.

We've painted and moved the island and added our own taste.

And this is my inspiration for the kitchen. I already knew I wanted the blue, but I like the way this kitchen is pulled together.

It's going to be a while before we can make our fridge and dishwasher match (although I'm thinking of trying appliance epoxy), and even longer before we can replace our counter tops with wood counter tops (but we may do some cheaper alternatives in the meantime like counter top paint or new formica), but we're making little steps.

Here's what it looked like before I painted...cell phone pics, sorry.

Finn the photo bomber.
An here's what it looks like after some paint...

So excited about what the final product will look like!

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  1. looks amazing lorena!!! i love white cabinets :)



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