February 03, 2013


I have a feeling that after reading the next few blog posts I plan to make, half of you (of the eight people who actually read this) will think I've gone crazy and the other half are either already doing these things or will want to start.

I've decided to make some major changes in my life, mainly regarding the way I treat my body. Part of it relates back to me resolutions, but it's more than that. After years of reading that the most successful way to combat poly-cystic ovary syndrome is to drastically change your diet, I've finally decided to actually do that. Of course, I had to try all the other alternatives first (going on birth control, herbal supplements, metformin, Clomid) before I was willing to make those changes. I'm not making them all at once, but I'm starting.

A great deal of my inspiration has come from the following places, in case anybody would like to check out my sources...
Modern Alternative Pregnancy

So this has been my starting place, and I'm trying to slowly cut things out of my diet (our diets hopefully, though I've gotten some push back from my wonderful amazing husband).

So far, I have
  •  Stopped buying white flour and have started using King Arthur white whole wheat and regular whole wheat.
  • Started to make my own bread. I even tried making my own crackers which were yummy but time consuming.
  • Started buying raw dairy from a local dairy farm, Klein Farms. I recently bought milk, yogurt, cheddar and mozarella cheese, as well as fresh eggs (which aren't dairy, but you get the point).
  • Stopped buying white and brown (processed) sugar. Right now I'm trying out Sucanat (contraction for sugar cane natural) which is evaporated cane juice. I'd also like to try coconut sugar and raspadura. I was already using raw honey sometimes, but I'm out of it right now and forgot to buy it the last time I was out. 
  • Made it a point to buy organic when it comes to "the dirty dozen."
I have not noticed any physical changes yet because this is just the beginning, but mentally I'm excited. The food I've been making tastes just as good or better than what I was making before, and that's exciting. 
I plan to update when I see changes and share some experiences as I try new things! 

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