December 31, 2012

Resolve: [ri-zolv] v. to determine to do something

I have decided that this year it is important for me to make some goals for the new year, and to review the past year.

First of all, some things that jump out at me as areas that need change:

My relationship with Jesus
Teaching has made my need for a Savior more apparent. Infertility has made my need for a Savior more apparent than ever. Both have driven me into the word and onto my knees in prayer. However, I tend to go to both places looking for answers, not looking to grow closer to my Lord. This needs to change.

My eating habits
I have gained seven pounds this past year. By itself, it doesn't sound like that much, but when you are struggling with PCOS, and when you are already clinically over weight, seven pounds is a lot. And I am definitely over weight. Brutal honesty here; I weigh almost 160, which, for someone my height, is more than twenty pounds overweight, and even further away from my ideal BMI. This also needs to change. For me, my husband, and my future children.

These are the two biggest things that come to mind as things that need improvement, but I also wanted to reflect on good things/changes I've made:

Organization at work
It may not look it from the condition of my desk, but I have made some major strides in organization and just generally being more on top of things at work this year. I have been more than timely with grading papers, and I have been more organized with paper work, etc. This feels good.

Keeping my house clean
This is a more recent development, and I attribute this to answered prayer. I feel like something has finally clicked inside me when it comes to keeping my house clean and in order. Maybe its more of a control issue; a desire to control my life when I feel like I can't control much.  Whatever it is, I suddenly have the desire to keep my home cleaner, more organized, and just generally neater. I am by no means perfect, but this is a big change. Steve really appreciates it too; it is very much a labor of love in his eyes because he feels more relaxed when he comes home to a clean house.

Inspired by a blog I read (Modern Alternative Mama)I spent a good chunk of time today making and organizing my list of goals for the new year. And, being obsessed with color like I am, I color coded them and organized them into categories. I thought I'd share it in hopes of inspiring someone else to make goals.

Happy New Year! What goals have you made this year?

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