January 04, 2013

Date Night: Cookie Bake Off [The Plan]

One of my goals for the year is for Steve and I as a couple to be more purposeful about date nights. None of this, "I'm bored; you want to go out to eat?" stuff. I want actual planned dates.

So in order to make this happen, I used technology. I use this website called Cozi. It's a personal planner website specifically designed for families. The two components I use the most (both online and via the free app on my Droid) are the shopping list and the planner. The cool thing about the planner is that you can set it up to send text message reminders about an upcoming event to everyone in the family. So, I went through our calendar, from now until June, and scheduled one to two dates a month. I rotated back and forth between a date that I have to plan and a date that Steve has to plan. I also set it up so that we get a text reminder a week before the date giving us plenty of time to plan.

And, because I initiated all of this, I thought it was only fair that I plan the first date. I made it an home date to show Steve that I am not doing this with the intent of causing us to spend more money.

The Date: Cookie Bake Off
Location: Our kitchen
Time: After work
Materials: Ingredients we have in the kitchen.
Other Guidelines:

  • No recipes allowed, although you may research recipes for ideas ahead of time.
  • No shopping ahead of time.
  • Someone else (Steve's sister and maybe one of mine) will judge the results based on creativity, taste, texture, and appearance.

I'm actually SUPER excited about this and would go as far as to say that Steve is a bit excited too. He really enjoys making up recipes, and he LOVES cookies, so this is right up his alley.

I'll do my best to take some pictures tonight and post the results over the weekend. I'll also try to keep updating on these date night ideas and how they turn out!

1 comment:

  1. i love this idea!! can't wait to hear how it goes! :)



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