November 21, 2012

Easy *Fake* Apple Dumplings

When everyone went home after our big Pre-Thanksgiving feast this weekend, we had a ton of leftovers. But of course, when Lauren and I were craving leftover apple pie, we discovered that all we had left was pumpkin pie. The craving was a strong one, so I set about to make us something fast, yummy, and apple-y.

Thus, Easy Fake Apple Dumplings were born. I'm sure I'm not the first person to do this, but just in case I am, I thought I'd share what I did.

Easy *Fake* Apple Dumplings

Geez, I feel like I'm advertising Great Value brand.

Refrigerated crescent dough 
2+ apples sliced (I used granny smith)
Nutmeg (optional)
Brown Sugar


1. Prepare apples. Peel and slice into small pieces, then toss with cinnamon, sugar, and nutmeg to taste.
2. Open crescent roll package and unroll crescent triangles. Place about a spoonful of apples in the center of each triangle.

3. Roll tip of triangle up over the apples then pull sides up and over and pinch to close. This doesn't have to be pretty.

Dumplings should look something like this.
 4. Place dumplings on a cookie sheet (I lined mine with parchment paper for easy clean up) and put in the oven at the temperature given on crescent roll package. I think mine said 375. Bake until golden brown.

5. For the sauce, I melted about two and a half tbsp. of butter in the microwave. Then I mixed in brown sugar and cinnamon, and grated some nutmeg in. I didn't measure, I just kept mixing and tasting. I probably used about 2/3 of a cup of brown sugar. After I mixed it, I stuck it back in the microwave to make it a little smoother. If you want more exact directions for a sauce like this, I would recommend looking up the directions for the sauce for monkey bread.

 6. Serve warm with vanilla ice cream and sauce drizzled on top!

 We REALLY enjoyed these. And two each was just enough to be satisfying but not overly filling.

Have you used crescent dough for anything other than making crescent rolls?

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