September 12, 2012

A Whole New World

*Note- I'm sorry my blog has been so "infertility heavy" lately. I promise that I will post some crafty things soon. It's just that this is what occupies my mind most of the time. And I can't find the charger for my camera and the one on my phone has stopped working, so crafty posts would be picture-less which is pointless.*

Recently I've joined a "Trying to Conceive" forum and stumbled across others while doing research on what to expect from the Clomid (which I start today). It's been fascinating for many reasons.
First of all, everybody has the same questions and does their best to answer the questions of others based on their own experiences.
Second, some people who are trying to conceive really have NO IDEA how the female body works. AT ALL.
Third, everybody is so encouraging and supportive of one another. Well, not everybody; I have read some comments made by some abrasive people, but they were very old.
Fourth, and the most fascinating, is the special language and abbreviations that are used. And not just on one forum, but across the board. For example.

AF= Aunt Flo
DH= Dear Husband
DPO- Days Post Ovulation
OPK- Ovulation Predictor Kit
TTC- Trying to Conceive
LTTTC- Long Term Trying to Conceive
BD- doing the Baby Dance
BFP- Big Fat Positive
BFN- Big Fat Negative

It's really funny and really cool.

Anyway, if you think of it, pray for me this week as I start the Clomid!


  1. Ha! My favorite is BD. :)

    This is pretty funny indeed. Thinking of you for sure!!

  2. haha! love the abbreviations. i feel like there is a similar "new world" in the realm of adoption lingo, too! hope the clomid starts working, and working well!!! :)



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