September 13, 2012

One of those days.

Last night I dropped my phone in the toilet.
This morning when I left for work,
My tires were low, very low, almost flat.
So I drove up to my parents' house and my dad and I pumped up all four tires.
 (God Thing #1 -- my dad was home because I --ashamedly--had never put air in my own tires)
This made me late for work.
Half way to work, it suddenly occurred to me that my registration was expired.
Thirteen days ago.
So I spent the rest of the ride praying that God would protect my registration form the eyes of any cops. (God Thing #2--I didn't get pulled over which would have been a $250+ fine and an impounded car)
I figured I would update my registration online at work.
Then I remembered I didn't have a check card or credit card with me.
So I figured I would text Steve.
Then I remembered that I dropped my phone in the toilet the night before, and it wasn't working yet.
So I emailed him.
And, thankfully, he eventually emailed back.
So I finally printed everything out.
After work, I headed to Walmart to buy ink for the computer, pick up a prescription, and do some other shopping.
Enjoyed myself shopping for a little while.
Then I remembered that the check book was not in my purse because Steve took it out to pay the mortgage.
So I left my half full cart at customer service (as directed by and employee) and went home.
Then I remembered I had no gas.
And no money.
I made it home, despite all of this, ate dinner with family, went grocery shopping at 8PM, and still have to go back to Walmart tomorrow after work.
Sigh. One of those days.

But...I have cramps. Isn't that exciting!?

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  1. oh GOSH, that WAS a day! i actually had to put air in my one tire on my own this week too. eventually i figured it out but i was worried that i might do it wrong and my tire would fall off (can that even happen??). so happy for you that your dad was around to help :)



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