December 09, 2015

How to Make Six-Pointed Snowflakes

I have a confession. I am a little prideful about my snowflake making abilities. I make pretty awesome snowflakes. But here's another confession; anybody can make them. They're SUPER easy.
So I thought I'd share a quick tutorial. There are probably hundreds of these tutorials online, but, oh well, here's one more.

Start with a piece of white paper and scissors.

 The paper needs to be square in order for these to work, so with a regular piece of 81/2"x11" you need to start by making it square. Do this by folding one corner up to meet the other side. Cut along the edge.

 Leave the square folded in half in an isosceles triangle.

Now comes the trickiest part. You're going to fold the right corner up toward and past the center. Then do the same thing with the left corner. You want all of the side to meet up and a perfect point, so this takes a bit of trial and error.

Right side

Left Side

All edges line up.

Good point.
Edges don't meet. Needs fixing.

Bad point. Needs fixing.
 Once you've got all of you're edges lined up and a nice point, you're going to fold the whole thing in half.

It really doesn't matter which way you fold here, as long as you fold in half.

Now that you're done folding, you can start cutting. It's important to notice the difference in the two sides before you cut.
The side shown above, that is closed, while make the points of the snowflake.

The other side, pictured above, the open side, will create the space between the points. I usually start by cutting into the open side.
So you can see here, the left side will be the point.

 Now it's up to you. The more space you create by cutting, the lacier and more delicate your snowflake will be.

Cutting into both sides as pictured above, will create a snowflake like the one below.

Cutting into to only the open side, like the picture above, will create a snowflake like the one below.

Be sure to cut off the tip also. This creates the hole in the middle of the snowflake. You'll find that different kind of cuts here create different shapes in the middle.
I love the way the house looks when the sun shines through the windows. Snowflake shadows everywhere!

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