December 04, 2015


I thought about making a post like this on Thanksgiving Day, but with a house full of people, I didn't feel like sitting at the computer. But tonight the thankfulness is pouring out of me. When I prayed with Cai before bed tonight the praises just poured out of me.

I am thankful for my son. It's just overwhelming to me that we are a family of three this year (well, four including Finn). I know we were last year too, but it was all so new then, and Cai didn't do much...he was just kind of there. Now he is a part of everything we do, the best part.

Today I was just in awe of him. In awe of life through his eyes. Everything is exciting. We went shopping and the amount of "Oh!"s and gasps and squeals was astounding. Every time we get out of the car he gasps and points at the sky, like it's stunning. The lights in the Christmas aisle at Walmart were incredible. The cows at Chick-fil-a hilarious. The flowers on the tables were all amazing and needed touching (which he did, ever so gently). Any stuffed animal was exciting. If we're in a clothing store, he reaches out and touches all of the clothing on his way past just to feel all of the different fabrics. And all of the flirting he does! Smiles and bashful head tilts!

And then at home! Our day was filled with giggles and hugs and running around. He likes to hide behind the couch because he knows he's not supposed to, then if I'm not looking at him, he makes a little squeaky noise and then pops his head up and grins at me. He climbs onto the couch and starts to pet the dog. I remind him to do it gently and demonstrate by petting his head and saying "ah-ah" so he turns to the dog and gently pets him saying, "ah-ah." And he hugs me and runs his fingers through my hair.

I can't think of all of the other things he did today. Or maybe I can, but when I start to describe them, I realize that they are really mundane, but they were done by my boy, so they were amazing.

And I'm in love with us. Our little family. We are awesome. We are everything I dreamed of us being before we existed, our little little family of three, and a dog. Last night we all sat on the couch together and giggled. Steve and I have started trying Cai's bedtime routine together, and it's so wonderful the way he snuggles on one of us, then reaches for the other one. Or lays on me then reaches for Steve to make sure he's still there.

Every new thing that he does is amazing. Every time he signs please my heart melts. Every time he signs anything really because he communicates now. And he shakes his head "no" which is annoying and cute at the same time. I'm convinced he "makes jokes" too. I'm not quite sure how else to word it, but he does things that he thinks are funny then looks at us to see if we're laughing.

I'm gushing, I know, but I'm just so enthralled b him. And thankful. I'm thankful for him, for us, for the feeling of completion, For the purpose having a son has given me.

And I'm overwhelmed, in a good way, at the enormity of the task that lies before us, of teaching this little man about the God who created him, the Savior who loves him, the people who he has the opportunity to love. Overwhelmed and excited.

Thank you, Lord, for this crazy little boy. For every adorable feature on his little face. For every knew thing he learns. For every hug and cuddle and snuggle. For a partner who loves me and loves our boy, unconditionally, and who can make us laugh. My cup runneth over.

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  1. So sweet! I love your description of him being enthralled and excited about every little thing - so fun! :)



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