December 11, 2015

Wooden Nativity Set

I thought I'd share the little nativity set I made for Cai for Christmas.

I wanted to have a set that was safe for Cai to play with and that we could set up in his room every Christmas.

 I won't be letting him play with it this year, at least not with complete freedom, but next year, I hope to be able to.
 When we have more little ones, Lord willing, I want each of them to have their own little set to keep in their rooms.
I bought two diy kits from  Hobby Lobby. The first was blank wooden dolls that I painted myself.

The second was a foam build your own stable with a star and square black manger. It came with the foam stable in six pieces, the star and its stick, and three already made peg figurines.

I gave Cai the figurines to pla with, well, Mary and Joseph; Jesus is a bit too small.

Merry Christmas!

1 comment:

  1. I love how sweet and simple this set is...perfect for kiddos.



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