September 14, 2014

Pregnancy Update: 30 Weeks {And a Hospital Visit}

Warning: For some of you, this post is a little TMI, but again, when I'm googling things because I'm freaking out, this is the kind of honest stuff I want to read.

Today started off with quite a bit of excitement, not the good kind. I woke up at 2:30 this morning and discovered that I was bleeding lightly. I immediately panicked and woke Steve up. We were both dressed and ready to go to the ER before I got in touch with my doctor. Because it wasn't heavy, and I wasn't in pain, she told me to just wait until my appointment on Monday, unless it became worse.

Of course I couldn't sleep then, so I watched TV on the couch for an hour or two before I finally fell asleep. We had planned to visit a church this morning, and I was really looking forward to it because many of my coworkers attend there, but when I started to get ready for church, I discovered I had passed some clots, though none of this was bright red. I called my mom first, and she agreed that I should call the doctor again. 

This time the doctor told me to go to labor and delivery and that she would call ahead. So we did. All this time I was in no pain and could still feel Cai moving quite regularly.

Basically, they discovered that I have a polyp on my cervix. They don't know why it started bleeding because I couldn't think of anything I had done that would have started it, except maybe that I had started some of the Bradley method exercises the day or two before. I didn't know I had a polyp on my cervix which was another surprise; usually that's something that would have been discovered before. My doctor later told the resident doctor that she's had several pregnant women over the years who have them just appear then disappear during labor. They were relieved to find out that the polyp seemed to be external and was not protruding from inside my cervix which could have indicated that I was beginning to dilate. The resident told me that the nice thing about having one during pregnancy is that it will probably fall off during labor and I won't have to have it removed.

They did a non-stress test, and everything was fine. Cai was so active that sometimes his heart beat would become super quite because he was moving from one side of my belly to the other. It was kind of neat for Steve to be able to hear every time Cai kicked. 

It was a nerve-wracking couple of hours, but praise the Lord, everything is fine. We're very thankful for the people who were praying for us.  It was a relief to be told we were okay and a relief to know that there was an explainable reason for the bleeding.

It was also really nice to get some experience with the hospital. A friend of our family's who I haven't seen in a long time is one of the nurses there, and it was wonderful to see her. Both doctors I saw were nice as well as the triage nurse and the ladies at the front desk. It was comforting to know that that's where I'll be in less than two months.

How far along: 30 weeks! 7 to go until I'm full term, 10 until I'm a full 40 weeks

Showing: I'm huge.

Weight Gain: I'll find out for sure tomorrow. I  have a feeling I'm around 18 now. I want all the food.

Maternity Clothes: Yes. Bought some new jeans and a tshirt today, and Steve bought me some gym shorts so I'll stop stealing his.

Food I'm Eating/Craving: Pumpkin. Sweets (the opposite of my first two trimesters). White grape juice.

Things that Make me Sick: Morning sickness. Threw up once this week. 

Other symptoms: Back pain. Fatigue. Soreness in my belly if I walk too much (I bought one of those support bands, and it has a rice bag that fits inside it so you can put hot or cool packs on your back! It should arrive tomorrow).  Restless Leg Syndrom. Falling asleep the past three or four nights has been very difficult because every time I drift off I feel the need to kick or scratch my legs. It's yucky.

Pregnancy Brain: Nothing major this week. My sister and I are quite a pair, between my preggo brain and her fuzzy Lyme disease brain. 

Miss anything? Sleeping on my stomach or back. Energy.

Best moment: Feeling Cai kick at 2:30 this morning after I discovered I was bleeding. It was so reassuring.

Movement:  Constantly. Some days more than others, but even then it's most of the time. I compared him to an octopus earlier this week. He is definitely his father's son. I'm pretty sure he's drumming and playing football in there.

Gender: It's a boy! Cai Alexander.

Happy or moody most of the time?: Not as many mood swings this week. Some stress over getting the house into shape before my shower. I also had one day where I seemed to have the Restless Leg Syndrom all over my body. I felt like I couldn't sit still. 

Getting Ready for Cai: Things are starting to be put back together with little thanks to me. Katie has done most of the work. Her new bedroom is finished and put back together. Cai's room is empty and should be finished by Tuesday. Wednesday we plan to have a general cleaning day and get the house put back together. I'm so ready to not be living in a mess. Finn's hair is taking over the house!

Still no bump picture. I figure I'll want to share tomorrow's ultrasound pics, so I'll just post a belly picture then. 

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