August 18, 2014

Pregnancy Update: 26 Weeks

How far along: 26 Weeks, about 14 to go (Oh. my. goodness.).

Not loving all of my chins...
Showing: Yes.

Weight Gain: The doctor's scale said 13 lbs. on Thursday. So, if I gain a pound a week in the next 14 weeks, that still puts me under 30 lbs. of gain. I'm hoping I can do that.

Maternity Clothes: Yup, but still not wearing very many maternity shirts. I just bought two striped scoop next tshirts from Target and feel pretty good in them. I'm on the lookout for a maternity dress as I have one or two weddings in the next two months, but I've had a hard time finding anything.

Food I'm Eating/Craving: It varies. It's blackberry season, and I made myself an amazing personal blackberry cobbler (blackberries, raw honey, blackberry balsamic vinegar cooked down in a pot, then I strained the berries out and topped it with a crumb topping --white whole wheat flour, raspadura and butter. I saved the sauce in the pan and cooked it down to make a glaze for meat).

Things that Make me Sick: Bending over makes me gag. Other than that, not much.

Look! I still have a waist!
Other symptoms: Difficulty sleeping, mild anxiety, tiring quickly. I also had a yeast infection this week (again TMI, but this is the kind of honest thing I want to read when I read other people's blogs). I've only ever had one before, and it was awful.

Pregnancy Brain: I left my hair straightener on. Luckily my sister noticed it after I left the house to go on our anniversary date.

Miss anything? Knowing what's going on with my body. I feel like it keeps doing new and unexpected things, some of them normal for pregnancy, but not normal for me, and I can't keep up with it. I'm also missing going back to school shopping. I feel totally at peace about not going back to work, but I miss the preparation.

Best moment: Watching my whole belly jump when Cai moves.

Movement:  At the doctor's office, he kept moving while the doctor was listening with the doppler and she said, "You've got a wild one in there. Do you know what you're having?" (There are two doctors and a special ultrasound tech who comes in just for the scans, so she doesn't always remember). When I told her she said, "Oh that explains it. They're always crazy." He had been hurting me when he moved that day and the day before, so I asked her about that. She said she's seen women with bruises from the baby's movement! He moves constantly, and sometimes he's rough. Some days I feel like he's trying to bust out through my belly button!

Gender: It's a boy! Cai Alexander.

Happy or moody most of the time?: Mood swings were less this week, but I did have some mild anxiety, more like a restlessness at night. Some of it is restless leg syndrome, but I get the feeling that I need to get up and move, my heart feels like it's racing (but it's not; I check) and I get really hot.

I have to get my glucose test in the next week or so, which makes me nervous. I also will probably have to get the rhogam shot because I have a negative blood type, so all that has to be done soon. The other thing the doctor said that at 25 weeks 5 days, my belly was measuring at 27 weeks, so at my next appointment (which is another half hour scan of the baby) they will "make sure he's not a moose." Geesh. I was counting on a small baby because I was a small baby and because my weight gain isn't out of control, and I've been eating decently. I'm praying he's normal sized. 


  1. you look great! Katelyn always measured bigger too, and she came out 6 lbs! those measurements aren't always accurate, we were expecting her to be over 8!

    1. Thanks, Michelle! Steve and I were both under seven pounds, so I'm hoping that's a good indicator of Cai's size.

  2. Have you looked at Target's maternity selection online? They had a lot more dresses than the actual store, at least in my area. In my opinion the glucose test wasn't as bad as everyone made it out to be... I heard the advice to bring a snack with protein to have right after you take the test (which really helped me!). Also-- try not to be anxious about the baby's predicted size or weight. Your fundal measurements can really fluctuate from week to week and in my experience, the experts can't usually get an accurate idea of the baby's size until they are actually born. At birth Charlotte was the weight my midwife thought she was at my appointment a week before. :) Keep up the good work- you look great!

    1. Kelly, I feel like Target did have a lot online over the summer, but they don't seem to now. I'm a little picky right now too; I don't want something sleeveless, and I hate those high low hemlines that are trendy right now.

      I'm not nervous about the glucose test itself-- I had one a few years ago when I was first diagnosed with PCOS-- but I'm nervous about the result as women with PCOS are more prone to gestational diabetes. I wish somebody had told me to bring a good snack the first time I had it done; I went grocery shopping afterward and my sugar crashed in the checkout line. I got the cold sweats and almost passed out.

      Also, you are the only reason that I'm disappointed that we are not going to be moving to the Philly area. I was looking forward to living close to you!



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