June 21, 2014

Pregnancy Update: 18 Weeks

How far along: 18 Weeks, about 22 to go.

Showing: Yup. Yesterday at Target a little girl rode past me in a shopping cart and said "There's a baby in her belly." Yes, darlin', yes there is.

Weight Gain: According to the doctor's scale, about six pounds. I'm pretty pleased with this so far.

Maternity Clothes: Yes. Not having a very fun time finding a bathing suit. You would think, since your boobs grow during pregnancy, they would make bathing suits with a good amount of support. No such luck. So far maternity suits just look obscene. I think I'm just going to end up buying a bra sized bathing suit at Lane Bryant.

Food I'm Eating/Craving: No real cravings. Still not loving sweets as much as usual. Fruit is becoming more appealing though.

Things that Make me Sick: Well, I only threw up twice this week which is a major improvement. I'm still sensitive to smells. It's nice to have an excuse not to do the dishes. :o)

Other symptoms: Itchy breasts and belly. I officially have stretch marks; little ones on either side of my belly button. Starting to have difficulty sleeping. I tire easily. This week I've just generally felt very pregnant.

Pregnancy Brain: I remembered the thing I couldn't remember last week! I vented my sun roof and drove to work. I left it open during the day to air out my car (currently one of my rear windows falls down and the car was smelling musty from moisture getting in). On my way home, I didn't realize until about half way there that the whole time my sun roof had been vented, the moon roof had been closed, so no air got in anyway. How I didn't notice that the whole time, I don't know. Other than that I've just had a hard time focusing on certain tasks. For example, I had to read a cupcake recipe multiple times in order to actually process what I needed to do.

Miss anything? The desire to clean.

Best moment: Watching my eighth grade students graduate. It was quite emotional because it was my last week teaching there, but I'm so proud of them. Oh! And the surprise baby shower they threw for me on Wednesday! They did I pretty good job surprising me. I didn't really have a clue until about ten or fifteen minutes before the shower. They had one of the preschool teachers make this beautiful cake and cupcakes. The whole eight grade chipped in to get me a bathtub and bath toys and many of the other students bought things too. I also received a wonderful card and gift from my coworkers. It was so fun and such a blessing!

Movement: It's funny, I actually felt stronger movement last week. I think the baby was lower and right on my bladder then (I was peeing like twelve times a day). This week baby is up higher. I'm peeing less and the movement doesn't feel as intense. I'm sure baby is up higher because at my appointment, the doctor heard the heartbeat with the doppler right in the center of my belly. 

Gender: I was mistaken as to when we would find out. Part of that was misunderstanding on my part, and part of it is that my doctor's office is not super great with communication. I'm actually anxious to switch doctors when we move. I like the doctors themselves, but the practice as a whole is frustrating. I never get a human when I call, and I often feel like a bother. All that being said, I still think it's a boy.

Happy or moody most of the time?: Pretty happy, though I did a lot of crying this week. Leaving my students was very bittersweet. I'm excited to start on this new part of our life, and I feel the way I always do, exhausted and ready for a break; but I'm going to miss my Good Shepherd family. Many of my eighth graders this year have been at the school since I first started teaching there seven years ago. My coworkers have supported me and prayed for me through the past six years of infertility, and I am so thankful for them. It really is like leaving family. 
Other than that, I've still been dealing with some general anxiety. This weird feeling of homesickness, or like I'm naked or something, haha. It's weird.

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