June 20, 2014

Baby Registry

A few weeks ago we registered for baby gifts. We decided to register at Babies-R-Us, because they seem to have everything, and Walmart because their prices are more reasonable. I thought I'd share some of the items we decided were important for us, either based on research or advice from friends, and ask for any suggestions from moms and dads. Any things that you couldn't live without? How about things that you wish you hadn't bought? As an aside, I feel the need to explain that we clearly don't expect people to buy us all of these things, but a registry seems a good way to plan for what we need to buy. I don't want this to sound like these are things we expect people to buy for us.

First of all we decided not to register for a few things including a changing table (many people have told us they're not worth it), and a dresser and night stand (I want to find these items at a yard sale and paint them with milk paint.

Some of the things we did register for are below.

Sophie the Giraffe
Vulli Sophie the Giraffe Teether - Vulli  - Babies"R"Us
We had several friends tell us that she is a wonderful and super endurable teether.

Arm's Reach Co-Sleeper (and the height adjusting pieces because we have a tall bed)
Arm's Reach Mini ARC Classic Co-Sleeper Bedside Bassinet - Arms Reach Concepts  - Babies"R"Us
We really want the baby in our room for the beginning for the convenience of breastfeeding and the bonding it provides, but we don't want the baby in the bed with us. I know many people co-sleep and in most cases it's perfectly safe, but we don't feel comfortable with it, so this is the next best thing. It's very similar to a pack and play, but the side that presses up against the bed is slightly lower for ease in picking up the baby.

HALO SleepSack
HALO SleepSack Swaddle 100% Cotton - Blue (Small) - Halo Innovations  - Babies"R"Us
My friend Kelly recommended these in a few posts about what has worked for her and her little one. I'm excited to try them!

Moby Wrap
Moby Wrap Baby Carrier - Black - Moby Wrap  - Babies"R"Us
I've carried my niece in one of these and loved it. I know several mommas who really enjoy this for baby wearing, and others who think the Moby is a little complicated.

Graco FastAction Fold Click Connect Jogger Travel System Stroller

Graco FastAction Fold Click Connect Jogger Travel System Stroller - Road Runner - Graco  - Babies"R"Us
Steve really wanted a three-wheeled stroller with a large front wheel that would do well on multiple types of terrain. I wanted one that could be used with and without a baby carrier, so this is the one we decided on. It's not the very cheapest available, but it's more reasonable than many of the jogging strollers out there.

4moms mamaRoo Infant Seat

We decided to register for this instead of a bouncer and a swing. This is electronic and has similar capabilities to both. It's a little pricey, but we thought this would solve the problem of buying both and having the baby only like the swing or only the bouncer. The selling points of this are the white noise options and the unique motion capabilities which are supposed to be more like mom and dad's natural motions. It also has a "car" setting which is supposed to be like riding in the car which puts so many babies to sleep.

Ingenuity Washable Play Yard with Dream Centre

We wanted a pack and play or play yard or whatever you call them, but we picked this one in particular because it is fully washable. 

A Few Other Things
  • We picked out a few different types of bottle nipples. We plan to breast feed, but I want to introduce the baby to a bottle pretty quickly so that Steve can feed our little one, and so that we are prepared if I need to be away. I know some babies prefer certain nipples over others, so I chose at least two kinds that were supposed to mimic the breast in different ways, either in shape or feel. If anyone has any tips, I'd love to hear them.

  • We didn't register for any of the normal Johnson and Johnson baby supplies or diaper creams, etc. We decided to go for more natural products without cancer-causing ingredients, particularly Burt's Bees. We also didn't register for many disposable diapers (we plan to do mostly cloth), but the diapers we did pick out are at least chlorine free. The thought of all of the chemicals in normal diapers on my babies vulnerable parts really freaks me out. 

Any other tips from mamas out there? Please feel free to share!


  1. We used the Moby with both boys and it's pretty awesome when they are smaller. Gets a little tougher when they are bigger, just because they sag more through the course of wearing them. Also, it's insanely hot in the summer. We also have a ring sling (which I still use with Grey at 15 months--it's costly, but AMAZING!!!), and a sling carrier that was free (pay shipping) from https://www.sevenslings.com. Sign up for their mailing list, and you are sent promo codes periodically--not a spammy thing at all.
    A wipes warmer isn't necessary, but it is nice for a winter infant's bum. Changing table isn't necessary (like you said), but a changing pad (the thick ones that go on the table) is nice. We had ours set up on the dresser for a while, and it was great. I'm sure I'll think of other things.

    1. Thanks Trace! I actually have two slings from sevenslings as well as some products from their partner websites where I only had to pay shipping. We also registered for an Ergo, and my sister-in-law is planning to get me a Beco Gemini carrier. We did register for a changing pad too.

  2. My mom brought me the jogging stroller and car seat. Although the stroller is huge and takes up the majority of my trunk I love it! Super durable and you can take it anywhere and not worry about rocks or other shenanigans you might come in contact with while out and about. Once you use it let me know how you like it!



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