February 14, 2014

Gifts and Other New Projects

Here are some more of the projects I've been working on! Most are gifts, but you can expect to see more items like these in the shop in June.
Baby Monster Hat Front. I love his crooket smile. He was made without a pattern.

Side View

Men's/Boy's Knights Helmet Hat. This was made without a pattern. 

The visor can go down for protection from the wind or up.

Front View

This picture is actually from the book where I found the pattern. I don't have a model, so it's difficult to see what my finished product is like.

Sunset Baby Capelet

I hope other people like the colors as much as I do. I think it looks like a sunset.

African Sunset Baby Blanket. This one is for some friends who are planning to add a little one from Ethiopia to their family. Read their story here.

This one is my favorite. She represents a great deal of hard work. I did not use a pattern for her, so she is not perfect, but I love her anyway. I call her the Ari Doll. I made  her for the daughter of a friend of mine who recently welcomed a second younger sibling to the family. I know what it's like to be the oldest, and I thought having her own baby to take care of might help with the transition. Unfortunately, I haven't given it to her yer. I planned to give it to her this weekend, but the snow stopped that, so I think I will mail it this week. Mom will probably get a sneak preview of it through here!

She has a scarf to match her hat and pea coat, but I have to find it. It's around here somewhere.
She has summer attire too!

I am EXTREMELY proud of her hair! I love it!

What are some other things you would like to see in the new store in June?
Would you buy a doll like the Ari doll?

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