February 14, 2014

Winter Morning Musings

Happy Valentine's Day!

I thought I'd share some of the pictures I took on my way to my doctor's appointment today (everything looks good to start my stim. meds on Monday) because it was just so beautiful. Granted, the snow has ruined my weekend plans and is keeping my Valentine stuck at work, but it's just so gorgeous. I also thought I'd add in a silly little poem I wrote in college. Nothing amazing, but it's nice and wintery.

Winter Morning Musings

The morning air feels crisp and sharp,
As I bundle up in some warm clothes
And fill my travel mug with hot apple cider (no coffee for me).
I grab my purse and books and traipse out to my car.

Frost covers the window
Like tiny snowflakes, frozen in time.
It’s as if Jack Frost pained an intricate picture
Of last night’s snow storm
And left it on my windshield.

My breath curls around my steering wheel
As I try, with gloved hands
To start my bitter cold car.
The engine splutters and starts,
Immediately blasting cold air at my face.

Finally, I drive down my road
Plowed clean by late night workers.
Though the snow that lines the road is dirty and brown
The world just a few inches past
Is yet untouched by man.

I marvel at the beauty that surrounds me.
I can imagine I have stepped into the land of Narnia.
I must be seeing what Lucy saw when she entered through the wardrobe.
Icicles cling to trees like little spears of light, poised to strike.
Blue shadows created by the still-rising sun stretch long through the woods.

Why must I go to work today? I wonder.
It seems unfair that I cannot explore this white world.
I feel sure that, if given the chance, I, like Lucy,
Would meet a faun named Mr. Tumnus around the next corner.

But instead, I drive on, to face my day, and reality.

 Enjoy you Valentine's Day!

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