May 26, 2012

Things I've Tried from Pinterest: Skinny Pizza Rolls

This is a great concept.Skinny pizza rolls from Dashing Dish. A quick and easy after school snack as yummy as Totino's Pizza Roles, but with far fewer calories, and homemade!

What I used:

  • Wonton wrappers
  • Store bought pasta sauce, Prego I think
  • Shredded cheese, whatever I had handy
  • Fresh herbs like rosemary and basil
What I like about it:
  • The original recipe says they are only 30 calories each! How can you go wrong?
  • They were yummy!
  • I knew what was in them. No mysteries about "cheese product" or any other unknown ingredients.
  • They are totally customizable. I think I may have even added a bit of spinach when I made them. You could easily make different types with bacon bits or sausage or pepperoni pieces. In fact the orginal recipe uses pepperoni, so my version must have been even lower in calories! Score!
  • They lend themselves to being vegetarian. I made them at a time when Steve wasn't eating meat. They were a great snack that we could both eat.
  • They were very time consuming to make.
  • They were a bit messy.
  • They weren't super filling.
  • I don't usually have wonton wrappers on hand.
  • I couldn't use the whole wonton wrapper package in one shot and many of them were wasted because I didn't use them again.
I will definitely try this recipe again. I might try freezing them next time to make them a faster snack. They were definitely yummy!

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