June 07, 2011

Random Post Birthday Thoughts

  • I love my small group! They had a birthday party for me today, and I got to wear a birthday crown.
  • I learned tonight that my sister sort of wanted to be a truck driver.
  •  Facebook on your birthday is a great way to feel loved! I feel like I got a million birthday wishes!
  • I had a wonderful weekend with Steve's family and got to meet new extended family! Steve's grandad and I share a birthday and yesterday was his 90th!
  • I am tired of being sick; I have been sick since Thursday. Currently I sound like I smoke a pack a day and occasionally hack up a lung.
  • I am so ready for school to end.
  • When I came home from small group tonight, I found that the door that I left unlocked because I didn't have my key had been locked by my grandparents. As I was wandering about deciding what to do, I spotted my cousin Ryan driving his truck up my driveway, in reverse. Upon walking down to see why he was there, I discovered that he had also locked himself out of his house! So together, we drove next door to my parents' house to borrow house keys. It sound a lot less amusing in print, but I assure you it was entertaining!
  • My wonderful husband brought me home a dozen roses yesterday!
  • Luckily, I felt too miserable yesterday to dwell on the quarter life crisis I planned on having. In most ways, being 26 doesn't really matter at all to me. In other ways, thing I expected to/hoped would happen during my 25th year did not, and that is quite discouraging.

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