March 07, 2011

Owl Cookies!

Saturday was my friend Traci's baby shower (yes, the same Traci as in this post). She is having a boy sometime in June, and she is decorating the nursery with owls, so the theme of the shower was owls. Around Valentine's Day, I watched an episode of The Martha Stewart Show highlighting the creation of some love bird owl cookies, and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to try out the recipe. So I used the cookie recipe found here. I followed the recipe, for the most part, but I ran out of sugar, so for the last 1/2 cup I used dark brown sugar instead of white sugar. I also added some cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger to give them a little more pizazz. I think the lemon juice combine with the spices really made a difference.

The directions for the cookies included a template for cutting out he owl shapes. Cutting them out by hand was a great deal more time consuming than I thought, but they turned out really cool.The dough was nice weight, so it wasn't difficult to transfer them to a cookie sheet. And the dough baked very nicely too, with no sticking. I was also surprised as to how many cookies it made, despite the face the cookies themselves were stinking huge.

So obviously, since Traci knew she was having a boy, I decided to go toward more male-typical colors. I was going to do a bright green, bright blue, and chocolate brown, but I ran out of yellow food coloring, so I ended up using a more muted blue green, but it still looked pretty cool. I used a chocolate royal icing recipe for the brown which I found here at (it tasted really good). Then, since royal icing was so much more simple than I realized, I decided not to use a recipe for the plain royal icing and to wing it instead. It worked out fine.

I put the icing in squeeze bottles and followed the directions on the website. I outlined the cookie and then filled it in, using a butter knife to spread out the filling. I also put in the stripes in the opposite color and used a knife to swirl it a bit.

Long story short (although not really I guess), they turned out really cool looking and really yummy. I had to play around with the decorations a bit. I tried using marshmallows for the eyes, but ended up using York Peppermint Patty Pieces with icing dots in the middle. I used cut up Dots gum drops for the beak. I decided not to do the feet because I thought they looked dumb.

Here's the finished product...


  1. Most awesome cookies ever. Thank you again, Rena!!!

  2. Just noticed this says "bridal shower" in the first sentence. Oh the scandal!



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