October 31, 2014

Pregnancy Update: 37 Weeks

How far along: 37 weeks (tomorrow actually)! Cai is officially full term and can come at any time now!

36 Weeks
Showing: I think I have my own gravitational pull.

Weight Gain: More than I'd like. I think I'm at 42 lbs now. I eat a lot, partly because sometimes my heartburn makes me feel like I'm hungry when I'm not.

Maternity Clothes: Not wearing as much anymore. I have one pair of maternity jeans, two hand me down long sleeve t's, and one sweater that I've been wearing. Other than that I've been in Steve's tshirts and yoga pants I just bought.

Food I'm Eating/Craving: Nothing good for me. Except maybe bruschetta; I'm still loving bruschetta.

Things that Make me Sick: I'm still throwing up at least once a week sometimes from coughing, sometimes from bending over. I'm getting tired of it.

37 Weeks (although, the next day my belly looked
so different because he had dropped even lower)
Other symptoms: I'm just generally uncomfortable (not miserable) all of the time. My pelvic pain is either better or I'm just used to it. The round ligament pain is worse though. I've been forcing myself to walk more, but I tire very quickly. My heartburn is worse. I itch all the time, mostly my belly, but all over. I've actually noticed little spots of blood on my body pillow from scratching my belly. Gross. I'm peeing more. I have hemorrhoids. They're awful, but not from constipation; rather from going often. I also had my second yeast infection (I've only ever had one before, so they are definitely pregnancy related. This one, I got rid of without medication (I used organic apple cider vinegar, organic plain yogurt, and organic coconut oil-- sounds gross, but it worked!). My hands fall asleep while I'm sleeping making sleeping even more difficult. I've been on the couch lately. My hands and feet are quite swollen; my feet look like Cabbage Patch Kid feet and my finger joints ache. Again though, none of this is TERRIBLE, just uncomfortable. I'm fairly content right now. Oh! I've also started having Braxton Hicks fairly often. When I'm standing they sometimes hurt and make it difficult to walk.

Pregnancy Brain: I left my hair straightener on. Steve found it.

Miss anything? I would love a bottle of hard apple cider right now. I would also love to roll over or stand up without pain. Or to be able to walk like a normal person.

Best moment: Time with Steve. 

Movement: Cai is a very active baby. The doctor comments on it at every appointment. He gets the hiccups fairly often too! He really does sometimes feel like he's trying to push his way out through my belly. And he likes kicking me under my right rib.

Gender: He's all boy! Two weeks ago the doctor did a quick ultrasound to see if Cai was in position and it was clear that he is ALL BOY.

Happy or moody most of the time?: Content. Struggling sometimes with physical symptoms of anxiety, but not the emotional stuff. Sometimes my heart rate goes up or I feel super fidgety or itchy. Mostly I feel like I can't catch my breath or like I'm really hot. All of this sometimes makes me feel anxious, but not too bad.

Labor signs: I had a doctor's appointment today. I am almost three centimeters dilated and 80% effaced. Cai has dropped pretty low already. She said she could feel his when she checked me internally. She said she doesn't think I'll make it to my due date, but also that she could be wrong. 

Getting Ready for Cai: Other than a few odds and ends Cai's room is ready. I've shared pictures on Facebook, but I'll make a blog post with a source list tomorrow. I'm pretty happy with it. It's a very tiny room, and it sometimes feels a little cramped, but overall I'm happy with it. 

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  1. You're almost there! I can't believe how fast the time has gone, yet I imagine for you it may feel differently, especially with all the physical symptoms you're coping with.

    So excited for you and can't wait to meet this little guy! :)



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