August 08, 2013

How To: Crochet Hair Accessories

A long time ago, I wrote a post about some hair clips I made. Today, since I'm not selling them anymore, I would do a tutorial on how to make them. They are super easy and super cute. I recently just gave a set to my friend's three year old daughter, and she loved them!

I've made several different kinds, but the directions are pretty much the same for any of them.


  • Embroidery floss, various colors
  • Hair accessories and clips (I bought mine at Hobby Lobby)
  • Headbands (I bought a 6 pack of cloth covered ones at the Dollar Tree)
  • Various buttons and plastic jewels
  • Sewing needle
  • Crochet hook (I used size a size B hook)
  • Hot glue gun

 Start by crocheting some flowers and leaves. I'm not going to attempt to write a pattern for these. Instead I'll share some links for good patterns I've found online.
Verry Berry Handmade
Moogly Blog
Read Heart (video)

They're pretty easy to make and offer so much variety.
In several of the pictures, you can see that I made multiple sizes of flowers in the same color and layered them.
This can be done by changing the size of the circle you begin with. I then sewed the flowers, or flowers and leaves together.

Once you have your flowers done the way you want them, you can add any jewels or buttons. I did this in two ways. I sewed on all of the actual buttons with a coordinating thread or floss.
I used hot glue to glue on the jewel centers.

After that, it's just a matter of hot gluing the flowers to the hair accessories. I arrange them first to see how it looks, then hot glue everything into place. Make sure the flowers are attached firmly, so that they are not easy for little hands to pull off.

I just love these because they are so easily customizable. You could make them to match specific outfits or for specific events. How cute would a flower girl look in these? They make great gifts too!

For a more grown up look, I made a couple with an off white lace weight yarn. I did a dainty layered flower and attached it to a comb. It looked super cute in a country chic way. I liked tucking it into a twisted updo. Unfortunately, I lent it to someone and never got it back, so I can't show you pictures of that. The point is, it's really easy to make this idea work for grown up girls too!

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