May 10, 2012

Ten on 10: May

I'm such a copy cat. My friend Kristen has started participating in this thing called Ten on 10; on the tenth of every month, you take one picture every hour for ten hours. The idea comes from Rebekah. I kind of cheated because I didn't remember to do it right away, so some of my pictures are more representations of hours in my day.

1.  Today is a braided hair kind of day. I'm really into braids lately, because my hair is finally long enough to hold a significant braid.

2. Tissues. Bleh. I feel like I've been sick a million times this school year.
3.  Coffee and water. Hot coffee for my poor sore throat, cold water for my poor dehydrated body.
This is Teacher Appreciation week, so we've had parents bringing in yummy food. There was even flavored creamer in the teacher's lounge.

4.  Books I'm teaching right now. I'm the most excited about Walk Two Moons. I love that book!

5.  I'm in love with my new-to-me ring. This past week, Steve's grandma passed away after nearly 87 years of life and I think 63 years of marriage. I didn't know her as well as I would have liked, but I knew her well enough to know that she was amazing woman of God. Grandad asked us to each pick out a piece of her jewelry, most of which were pieces he lovingly bought her over the years. I chose this simple pearl ring before I even looked at anything else. Grandma, Grandad, and I (and my sister-in-law Lauren too) all share a June birthday and thereby the birthstone pearl, so this piece had double significance for me. I'm so proud to own it!

6.  Lunch! Soups provided by the PTF. This was cabbage soup. I ate tomato soup with a soft roll. Mmm!

7. Preparing for my sub tomorrow. I had to take the day off for my sister's nursing school pinning ceremony. Her class nominated her to speak!

8. My drive home from work. I took a few pictures and liked them all so much, I think I might have to do a post all about my trip home. It really is a beautiful drive!

9. Finn puppy. Ready to greet me! He kept going crazy then trying to be obedient by sitting. I can't believe I got a still picture of him.

10. Flowers! Came home to these on our kitchen counter. Our church sent them in sympathy with Steve. Aren't they beautiful?


  1. Great picture! Have a wonderful night!


  2. Fun photos! I love those books, too. :)

  3. so glad you joined lorena! love the picture of finn :)

  4. Beautiful pictures! I love the ring and the special meaning it holds. Grandmas are so special, I'm so sorry for your loss.



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