April 22, 2011

Dining Room: Hutch Ideas

I am officially addicted to reading other people's blog. Just since last night, I think I have added maybe five new blogs to the list of blogs I follow. One of them, that I stumbled across last night, is Better After, a blog that highlights before and after shots from other people.While browsing this blog, I found some ideas for the hutch and buffet I talked about in this post.


This first one isn't my favorite, but the hutch is very similar to the one we have, so I'm filing it away in the "ideas" file. 

And this one I love, and think it's something that is totally doable for us, probably minus the lights and the paneled background. The color is much more like our table, and I think it would look great against the green walls that we plan to have.

In case you're interested, this is the color our dining room will  be, although it's a bit more vibrant in reality (excuse the random picture of Steve).
And this is our dining room table, without the leaves in it, as it looked in our first apartment. With it's three chairs that are actually bar stools cut down to size. Which reminds me, if anyone knows of some chairs for free or cheap, please let us know.

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