April 23, 2011

Creative Eggcellence

We just got done decorating Easter eggs. My sisters and I are all in our twenties, but this is still a major event for us. This year was a little tame though. Holly had to leave for work, and I was tired. That meant more for Katie. Tyler did a few and his friend Caleb too, but the boys were not nearly as into it as we were. Here they are...
Katie's baby chick egg.
This was supposed to be morning glories.
It's sideways because Iadded from my phone, but this was Katie hand painting the cracked eggs with food coloring.
Carton 1.
Carton 2.
One of Katie's hand painted creations with straight up dye.
My monster.
I think the boys did these three.
Pink with green polka dots.
Katie's Monster.
Ew. Katie's mess.
My spring.

Holly's rainbow.

We used crayons, two dye kits, food coloring, and tissues.

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