March 21, 2011

Big News!

Steve and I have big news. No, we are not having a baby yet, although prayers on that front would be greatly appreciated. We are buying a house, sort of! Most of you probably already know or have guessed (especially after this post) that we are buying my grandparents' house. For those of you who don't know, we already live there, mostly in the basement. We moved in a little under a year ago to help us out financially and to help them out with cleaning and such. However, my grandparents are quickly getting older, and it is becoming more difficult for them to take care of their house and two acres of land and more frustrating for them that they can't. So they've decided to move in with my parents, and sell their house to us. However, because their house isn't exactly a starter house, we will be renting it until we can afford the down payment (hopefully, this means only until a co-manager position opens up for Steve).

This is extremely exciting, but also extremely terrifying.  I can't wait to begin decorating and painting and arranging. Right now though, Steve and I can't do much. There's nothing to pack because most of our things are already packed up and we can't move things around or paint yet because my grandparents are still in the house (and we certainly don't want to make them feel like we're rushing them out). So until then, I sit and plan, and collect paint chips and ideas.

Soon I will post before pictures so you all can help me plan too! Mostly I need ideas on how to make the house look like we have enough furniture to fill it. The living room is HUGE!

The property is withing the red lines.

A: Driveway
B: Garden
C: Shed
D: Pool
E: House
F: Grapevines
G: My Parents' Property
H: My Cousin's Pr0perty


  1. Lorena! That's so exciting!! I can't wait to hear all about it and see your amazing creativity come to life inside those walls! ;)



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