March 24, 2011

Before...Dining Room

So I thought I'd give you all a preview of what we'll be doing in the next couple months (for explanation, see here). These pictures are of the "Pretty Room" which is largely unused right now. The room wraps around the kitchen. You can see that the current decorating style is definitely not me
This is the view from the one opening from the kitchen.

The door on the left is the front door. The other is a closet.

The picture quality isn't great here because it was so sunny. I love that!

The wall that the secretary is against is a shared wall with the kitchen. You can see how the room wraps around to the left.

View from the other opening into the kitchen. The glass door leads into the "Big Room."

View from the Big Room. You can see how the room wraps around the kitchen.

Our plan is to make this room into a dining room. I want to rip out the pink carpet and put in hardwood floor as soon as we can afford it. I want to paint this room green; the same green that we have in the basement now and had in our living room in the last apartment. I want to do the wall that the closet is in, or the wall that the secretary is on in white with the green swirls, like in the old apartment. The dining room table would go where the coffee table is now. I want to get some shelves, maybe a hutch eventually. Maybe something like this...

In the little area between the kitchen and the big room, we'll probably put our computer desk.

I'm so excited about all of this, but it's so hard to have all these ideas and not be able to do anything yet. So, instead, I share them on here...

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