March 24, 2011

Snow Day = Work Day

We had ANOTHER snow day today. Surprise! When was the last time we had a full week of school? I enjoy every snow day, but they are making it very difficult to teach, and I don't particularly want to still be in school in JULY. 
All that being said, another snow day meant I had more time to work on these new projects for the giveaway (there's still time to enter). Below are some of my favorites.

Also, I want to try this new project I found through from Craft is Cool's blog
Wouldn't it be cool to have a little army of baby monsters? If I had a little boy, I would put a ton of these all over his room. Also, it's a super cool project for beginner crocheters. The tutorial is SUPER simplified. It would probably be easy to put a little rattle or other noisemaker inside. I would probably use fabric paint instead of plastic eyes to remove any choking hazards. I look forward to trying this! I also think I'm going to use this idea as a spring board for an owl baby mobile for Traci.

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