February 02, 2011

Ahh! Monsters!

Another snow day today, and we actually found out about it before going to bed, so I stayed up a bit late and made some of the monsters I talked about yesterday. I got the idea from Crafty is Cool and decided to make my own! Check them out! I had fun, making them, but I have no idea what I'm going to do with them. Maybe use them to decorate my craft room? If anybody wants them, let me know!

Steve wants me to make a whole army of them. Any ideas for names :o)


  1. Jiffy, Boo, Celery, Peach, Flak, Flake, Flip, Chip, Cheep, Dade, Nakita, Rosie, Tessie, Mia, Mira, Jaye, Swim, Shrimp, Sandwhich, Luis, Illi, Duke, Rhiia, Ari, Pott, Kiwi, Zoi, Cai, Jasper, Peppy, Pepper, Franko, Shai, Lu, Poppy, Forrest, Orio, Sage, Clover, Ruby, Cashew.
    Many names for many monsters!

  2. Thanks for the suggestions, Christine!



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