July 11, 2016

Keeping My Toddler Busy: Play Doh

We've entered the world of Play Doh, and Cai loves it. So far we only have one container of blue (thanks to Cai's Aunt Lauren), but I want to try making some soon.
I plunked Cai in his high chair and started by only giving him a bit of the dough. He was a bit tentative at first, but his elephant really enjoyed it.

I let him use a some wooden utensils from his kitchen set with it, and he thought that was great.

 We've played several times since then, and it keeps him busy anywhere from ten to twenty minutes.
If I play with it with him, I have to make lots of snakes.

 And sometimes the snakes kiss.
And hiss...

 And eat Play-Doh apples.
And he only tasted it once or twice :)

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