June 27, 2016

Keeping My Toddler Busy: Baking with Mama

I love baking. Lately I've been making cupcakes or muffins for Steve to bring to work with him on Fridays. The general consensus from everyone at his work is that I need to forget the muffins and make only cupcakes, so this time Cai and I made chocolate muffins with chocolate frosting (Which reminds me, what are your favorite combos for cupcakes and frosting? I need some ideas!).
This was really difficult to photograph, safely, so I don't have very many pictures. 

I also don't have one of those cool activity stands because they cost a butt load, so I just watched him very carefully as he sat on the counter.

I made sure to explain to him to keep his fingers out of the mixer, and I also unplugged the toaster because he wanted to turn around and stick his fingers in there.

(Can I just point out my new under-cabinet lighting? Steve and I went to Ikea for Valentine's Day and spent like $50 on it and Steve installed it himself. I love it!)

Basically, I just filled the measuring cups or spoons and helped him pour them in. This is a great opportunity to practice counting, and, with older children, give them the ground work for fractions.
And I completely forgot to take a picture of the results, but they were yummy.

I have many, many memories of baking with my mom, so this is something I was really excited about doing with Cai. In fact, he got to do some baking with Marmie on vacation.
(She's going to kill me for sharing a picture of her in her pjs. They were making biscuits for breakfast)

What are your favorite things to bake or cook with your kids?

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