October 01, 2015

Lena and Natalie Crochet

I think I mentioned a while back that I've been planning to start selling my crochet items again. Well, I finally am! If you're friends with me on Facebook or follow me on Instagram (@lenaandnataliecrochet, you know that already. But, if you only read the blog (I think there are a few of you), you don't know that I will be selling things via Instagram starting October 5!  Here's the whole story...

The Name
First of all, a little background on the name. My Oma, my maternal grandmother, taught me how to crochet (and knit, but I prefer to crochet). She taught me some basic stitches, and I've taught myself everything else through books and the internet. Most of you who know my Oma know her as Helen, which is legally her name, but her family calls her Lena. I believe it's short for Magdalena. When she moved to the U.S. from Germany she changed her name to Helen, but I love the name Lena. The first part of the name of my crochet "store" comes from my Oma who taught me the physical act of crochet, but also shared with me her love for yarn and color and creating things.
My paternal grandmother, my Grammy, was an artist. She painted beautiful landscapes and portraits and animals. She and my Pop-Pop met in art school in New York. I took art lessons from Grammy off and on; private lessons and in art class at my school where she taught for a year. She taught me about how colors work together and interact and how to pay attention to colors around me. Her name was Natalie.
And thus, Lena and Natalie Crochet

The Store
For now I will be selling directly through Instagram. Basically, every Monday, I will post pictures of a few items. The first person to comment with their PayPal email address commits to purchasing the item. I will send an invoice, and when the invoice is paid, the item will be shipped. For now, I'm limiting the store to Instagram, but I may also open an Etsy store again. I have yet to decide. I know there are some people who are not on Instagram, and I understand that you will not be able to purchase anything yet, but I will eventually solve that problem...maybe.If you desperately want something I posted on Facebook, send me a message and we can talk about it. I am not currently doing any custom orders; it is just two much with a baby and making enough to have new items every week. Plus, I'd like to have time to make some stuff for my own kid. :)

The Giveaway
I'm also hosting a giveaway on Instagram. It was supposed to end tonight at midnight, but I think I'm going to extend the deadline one more day. The winner will receive a $25 credit to my shop!
To enter:
1. Like the original post on Instagram.
2. Share the original post on Instagram and tag @LenaandNatalieCrochet.

For an extra entry, tag a friend in the comments of the original Instagram post. Winner will be chosen at random and announced on October 3rd.

What do you think? What kinds of things would you like to see in the store?

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