September 23, 2015

Gallery Wall on the Cheap

Just a quick post with a quick explanation of a project I recently did.
I love the look of gallery walls. My Pinterest boards are filled with them.

Young House Love

And my own gallery wall in our hallway.

And with all of the great pictures we have of Cai and the family photos that Kristen Fuest Photography did for us a few months ago, I was looking for a way to display them. But money is tight, and picture frames are expensive, as are prints. So, I had to find a way to do things inexpensively.

I started by ordering prints from I also subscribe to the app Groovebook which is an awesome way to keep up with photo prints, so I used some of those. I then picked out some frames at The Dollar Tree.  I spent $15.00 there. I couldn't find fifteen matching frames, but I made sure that all of the frames of a certain size matched each other. I wanted white frames against our gray wall, so I painted them with some acrylic paint. 

Arranging them was harder than I expected. I though I wanted the look of a random arrangement, but I couldn't get it to look "random" and organized at the same time. The diamond arrangement sort of evolved when I was playing around, and that's what I went with. I mounted them with 3m Command Strips which I think work bests for this sort of thing. With nails and picture hangers, the frame can end up hanging a little differently than you expected, but the strips (although a little bit more pricey) are easy to get in the exact position you want them. 

So, nothing amazing here, but it was a nice way to showcase our family photos and our little Cai without spending a ton of money. 

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