September 18, 2015

Cai Alexander: Ten Months

So I haven't been so great at posting these updates. :( I've kept up with making the monthly pictures, but not with a monthly blog post. Cai had changed SO much in the past two months. Since I started typing this post he as climbed all over me, hugged my face, yelled a few times, and climbed off of the couch!

Cai can...

  • Climb up stairs and onto things close to the ground.
  • Cruise around the furniture quite quickly.
  • Climb off of the bed and couches.
  • Stand on his own.
  • Walk holding onto one or both of someone's hands.
  • Point to things he finds interesting or wants to see more closely.
  • Open and close doors (If his bedroom door is nearly shut, he can reach it from his crib. When he wakes up he pulls it open and cries loudly!)
  • Pick up very tiny things with two fingers.
  • Wave.
  • Give high fives.
  • Touch things very gently if you say "one finger."
Cai likes to...
  • Splash in the dogs water dish or spill it.
  • Race to the dog's food dish when I feed him, grab a fistful of food, then spin in a circle on his butt to get away from me.
  • Climb on the dog...or people...or furniture.
  • Touch everything he knows he's not supposed to, especially electrical cords, Mama's laptop, and Grangy and Grandpa Jack's TV.
  • Steal the dog's bone.
  • Throw the dog's ball or wait for Finn to grab it out of his hand.
  • Choose a diaper to wear when Mama gives him the choice of two.
  • Touch flowers and earrings gently.
  • "Sing" to himself while he plays.
  • Laugh and be tickled.
  • Hang upside down.
  • Be pushed onto the bed or into a pile of pillows/blankets.
  • Watch things out the window/sliding glass door.
  • Eat!
  • Laugh at funny noises.
  • Open and close the glass door between the living room and dining room.
  • Watch the laundry spin in the washing machine.
Physical growth...

Cai doesn't have another well baby check until one year, but at his nine month appointment he was 18 lbs. 6 oz. (20th percentile) and 29 in. tall (75th percentile). He has two teeth on the bottom and four on the top that are about to pop through at any second. He is so close to walking! We're pretty sure he's capable of it but afraid to try.      

This week, Cai has become super destructive, haha. Actually really just the past two days. He knocked over a floor lamp and broke a light bulb, spilled a cup of coffee and a large glass of water at my parents' house. shattered my mom's 9x13 dish, kicked the lamp off of his changing table and cracked the shade...all while an adult was within inches of him. He is strong and fast and determined!

Overall, Cai is a joy. His personality shows more and more every day. He's definitely not a super easy kid anymore; he doesn't sleep super well, he's quite difficult to discipline, and he has a temper, but even the hard parts are wonderful. 

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