June 13, 2015

I Love Tie Dye

If you've been following my blog for awhile, you know that I love color and tie dye. Lucky for me, God blessed me with a husband who wishes he was a hippy and loves tie dye. So when I said last week that I should make Cai some more tie dye, Steve wholeheartedly agreed. Also lucky for me, I turned thirty last week and was gifted a gift card to Hobby Lobby!

Of course, I had a great little helper who laughed every time the dog walked past his stroller (said dog ended up with the white fur on his paws died different colors from walking through the grass where I was working).

I dyed three onesies for Cai, one of my white v-neck t-shirts, one of Steve's t-shirts, a blue oxford shirt from Steve's former job (that's a story for another day), and another of Steve's t-shirts that I planned to cut up to make headbands.

I like a simple burst look in the middle, so for most of the pieces, I grabbed a point on the shirt that I wanted to be the center of the burst and twisted from there, then wrapped it in rubber bands or yarn. For a few of them, I folded them accordion style, then twisted and tied. The kit came with five colors (fuschia, orange, yellow, lime, and turquoise), but I had two extra squirt bottles, so I took some of the extra dye packets and created a blue green color and an indigo. After dying, I wrapped them in plastic wrap to keep them wet while the dye set. I had to take a picture because they looked like big logs of rainbow poo. Yeah, I'm weird.

I was pretty happy with most of the results. I wish I had let the dye sit a little longer (I did about six hours) because some of it faded a little more than I wanted after the wash. My favorites were Steve's tshirt and Cai's blue and rainbow onesies. I think my shirt was a little too worn, so the dye absorbed really well and blended more than I wanted it to. I didn't share any pictures of Steve's old work shirt because the store's logo is still on it. I originally thought I'd be able to just tear off the applique, but it wasn't just sewn on by the edges, but rather embroidered directly onto the shirt. That means I either need to take a buttload of time ripping it off stitch by stitch, or find a way to cover it up.

For the headbands, I just cut the shirt into strips and used them to tie on my head. I also cut off the shirt sleeves and used those as headbands. I took some awkward selfies to show a bit of my shirt and the headbands...

I felt so awkward taking them, that I just a goofy face so that it didn't seem so vain. 

I wanted to show how Cai looks in his onesie, but he's napping right now. This is the only picture I could find that I took this week. He's eating a coaster. Cai putting strange things in his mouth is basically my life right now.

Anybody else love tie dye? Do you wear it or make it or both?

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  1. We like tie Dye because you made it for Aylin! Thanks again so much my sweet creative friend!



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