April 03, 2015

Baby's First Easter Basket

I know there's no real point in giving my four and a half month old an Easter basket (is there really much of point in giving anyone an Easter basket?), just like there wasn't much point in giving my one month old Christmas presents. Except that it makes me happy. 

Obviously I'm not going to be giving him any candy, but I did buy a little basket and put four things in it. I was inspired by Logan's post from With Great Expectation on Easter basket ideas for baby girls and this post from The Humbled Homemaker with 65+ Spiritual Gift Ideas for Kids.

So, in Cai's basket I included...

Fisher Price Soothe and Glow Seahorse

It plays music and glows. It has absolutely no spiritual significance at all, and I wouldn't normally buy something like this, but a) I got it 70% off at Kohls (marked 40% off and had a 30% off coupon) and b) Cai is starting to enjoy playing and cuddling with things in his crib, so I thought he might enjoy this.

The Bunny Rabbit Show by Sandra Boynton

Again, no spiritual significance, but I like having more books. Sandra Boynton's are cute and sh          h nap time. Even doing that though, I still feel like I've just read all of them and get bored super fast, so adding a new one is great. 

The Tale of Three Trees, a folktale

This one does have spiritual significance. It's a story of three trees who all want to grow up to do something great. The first is cut down and made into the manger that holds Jesus, the second is made into the boat Jesus is on when He calms the storm, and the third is made into Jesus's cross. It's pretty neat. I will enjoy reading it to Cai. 

Stuffed Dog

Ha! I can't find a picture online for this one, but you know those The Dog greeting cards and stuff that are pictures of a dog that are focused on the nose, so it looks bigger than the rest of him? Well, they have stuffed dog versions. I got the French bulldog. It was on clearance. :P

I put it all in a basket I bought at Walmart that was blue with a multi-color striped fabric lining. I figured it could have multiple uses in his bedroom down the road.

Anybody else get their little ones an Easter basket? What did you put in it? Do you think I'm nuts for making one for Cai?

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