May 10, 2014

Pregnancy Update: 12 Weeks

Baby Q is the size of a plum this week. 
How far along: 12 Weeks

Showing: A little bit. I can't hold my tummy in anymore. I'm sure strangers would just think I'm fat, but I saw a couple of my cousins yesterday and they thought I looked pregnant. Also, I was brave and weighed myself today, and I haven't gained any weight, which means it is the baby (and bloat) making my tummy stick out.

Maternity Clothes: Yes. Thinking of buying a air of capris today too.

Food I'm Eating: Starting to be able to eat normal foods again. I had a grass fed organic burger for dinner last night, but I also ate two bagels and an English muffin throughout the day.

Things that Make me Sick: I'm still throwing up most days, sometimes twice, but I feel much better throughout the day, praise the Lord! I can handle the puking; it's the constant nausea that is tough. I've found drinking a ton of water first thing in the morning makes getting sick a lot easier. The only specific thing making me throw up right now is taking my vitamins. That and coughing; I have what I call an allergy cough right now from post nasal drip and sometimes once I start coughing the gagging follows quickly after.

Other symptoms: Nothing new from last week, but the sensitivity to smell has gotten better, and I have a headache today. Oh! And my finger nails are looking amazing right now. Super strong! I'm hoping my hair follows!

Pregnancy Brain: Nothing new. I forget why I got up sometimes and am having a difficult time focusing on things.

Miss anything? Sleeping on my tummy (tenderness in my breasts makes this impossible). The Dorney Park trip yesterday, though I would have been exhausted after the first twenty minutes.

Best moment: Having my family say I looked pregnant.

Movement: Not yet, though sometimes I swear some of the gas bubbles I have are really movement.

Gender: Don't know yet, but I feel like it's a boy.

Happy or moody most of the time?: Usually happy, though I was a little weepy this week about moving and being nauseous, and just generally.

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