April 07, 2013

Yarn Organization

I love to crochet. And I, therefore, have a TON of yarn. I mean a ton.

This is what I started with. Well, actually, this was after hours of winding up yarn, throwing out several massive knots. I also had to collect it from all over the house; a basket in the living room, two baskets in the closet...suffice it to say, it was annoying. And a little embarrassing.

I used what I had and went out and bought a couple more of these.

So I embarked on my yarn organization journey, and I went from a big pile, to this:

This hangs on the back of my spare room/craft room door.

And these hang from the bar in the closet. 
I put smaller scraps and bits in the shoe organizer behind the door. I wrapped the little bits of yarn around clothespins. Plastic colored clothespins that of course matched the yarn. The bigger rolls of yarn are in the other shoe organizers in the closet. 

I'm pretty pleased with the result and thought I'd share the idea.

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