May 03, 2012


This will be a picture heavy post, so I apologize in advance. But I have to make a post about Finnegan because he's pretty much the best puppy ever. We adopted him in January when he was ten weeks old. I'm pretty sure his birthday is November 4th. We adopted him from Common Sense for Animals, an amazing shelter in New Jersey. He came from a litter rescued from a kill shelter down south. They know the mother was part pit bull, and guess that the father must have some chocolate lab in him judging by the way the puppies look. Finn had one brother who was all tan like white chocolate, and the rest of the puppies were very chocolate I think. We picked Finn for his markings, which are unique, and his personality, which, at the time, was very calm and gentle.
Was he ever really this small?

Sleeping in the crack.

He takes up twice as much room now.

This bed no longer exists. He ate it.

Finn and Josie, my parents' dog. Josie's not sure if Finn is her best friend or biggest pest.

Snuggling with me.

What? You mean I wasn't supposed to eat your clothespins and beach towel while you were at work?

We obviously fell in love with him right away. He was housebroken really quickly. We have no problems with that at all even if he's been home alone for awhile. However, he does sprinkle a little if he gets excited. Right now we're struggling with jumping and chewing. He jumps on everyone when he first sees them and chews on the molding in the laundry room. He doesn't chew on anything else important and hasn't ruined anything else important.

He loves to play, sleeps on the floor next to our bed, snuggles with me before I leave for work in the morning, brings me all of his toys when I get home from work, and follows me everywhere around the house. On Saturday, even though Steve was home, he waited for me to come out of the bathroom, took a nap on the floor while I was getting ready.

We definitely love him. A lot.

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