May 02, 2011

Being a Grownup

Is it weird that I kind of miss finals week? I miss that feeling of knowing that all the work is about to be over. And only having one or two tests a day or a few papers due (although I never had just a few) and watching movies in the lounge until late because there's nothing to get up early for. Or that one time when we watched movies outside between the Quads. Or going out to Piatza's at 2 AM and eating a HUGE slice of pizza. Or staying up late talking about random things. Or going for a walk with Steve (he doesn't go for walks anymore unless he has a specific destination).

But I'm a grown up now, so instead I'm waiting for Steve to come home from work (knowing it will probably be very late because it's inventory week), thinking about how much weight I'm gonna gain from all the food I've been eating (seriously, I can't seem to stop), and thinking about work tomorrow and trying to come up with new things to do to keep my students' attention. I'm also wondering how we're going to afford buying a house, how I'm going to fit all of the upcoming events into my schedule, if we're ever going to be able to start a family.

Yay for being a grown up.

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