April 18, 2011


It finally feels like spring, and I am so excited. I feel like we've been on the brink of spring mid-February when we had that one REALLY warm day, but it just hasn't wanted to come. But finally, instead of the breeze being the air just being cold, it is cold with a hint of warmth to it.

My sisters and my brother and I played outside today, together. It felt so good! Probably, it wasn't as big a deal to the girls, or even Tyler, but it was for me. I am not an athletic person, in any way shape or form, and when I was little, we were not an athletic family. Nobody in our family played sports until I went to college. Then the girls started playing soccer and running track and Tyler has played both basketball and soccer. So I guess they experienced more of the "athletic family" feeling, but the most I ever experienced was playing soccer with my dad when I was like five. So even though today were only kicking a ball around or trying to keep it up in the air, it felt so good for me!

Plus, we were all three (girls not Tyler) wearing skinny jeans which is also a huge deal for me. After thinking of myself as skinny for my entire life, I gained 30 lbs in our first two years of marriage and could not seem to loose it (which is apparently a symptom of the PCOS that I have been diagnosed with which is causing infertility which I'm trying to start writing about on another blog if anyone is interested). But I lost 17 lbs. on Weight Watchers and although I could stand to lose more, I now feel good enough about myself to wear skinny jeans.

Anyway...for anyone who is interested, the craft fair on Saturday went decently. I was a bit intimidated at first because although they said they would try not to put us near other vendors/crafters with similar products, there were three tables right around me that sold either crocheted items or hand painted glassware. I did feel like mine was the best combination of hip and practical items, but it was still intimidating. Overall it went pretty well though, in that I gave out TONS of business cards and got my name out there. However, I didn't make a very big profit because most of the items I sold were smaller things. I will be doing some more craft fairs this spring and summer, so I'll try to keep you updated (become a Facebook fan for more updates).

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