March 28, 2011

Before...Craft Room

We refer to this room currently as the "Little Room." We've been using it as a multi-purpose walk-in closet. This is the room I want to use as my craft room. See this post for all the details of what I want to do to it. 
View from the doorway to the left.

The cabinet under the window is already my craft cabinet. I thought I'd keep that there and pull in a chair in case I need to sit in front of the table.  I also plant to put the couch on the left hand wall, maybe with the tree mural behind it. 

View from the doorway to the right.

View from the window toward the door and the closet.
I think I'll put a TV in the closet so that I can sit on the couch and crochet and watch a movie. The thing on the back of the door is a shoe rack filled with yarn. When I reorganize everything, the yarn will be in color order.

Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated! Especially suggestions as to how to survive with a pink carpet and cover the love seat pictured here. Oma is leaving it for me, and I love its size, but can't stand the color or pattern!

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