June 10, 2009

Summer Projects

I plan to use this blog as a place to post my ideas, plans, and projects and hopefully pictures of the results of those projects. School is just about done, and I will only be working seventeen hours a week, so I am looking forward to a summer of fun projects. In fact, I have started a few already.

  • refashion an old men's dress shirt into a cute blouse for myself (found the tutorial on somebody else's blog
  • switch the bookshelves in my kitchen and my office so that I can make better use of the shelves
  • get some of my china and tea cups out of storage in my parents basement and move them to the shelves in my kitchen
  • finish a cushion for the window seat in my classroom
  • finish the blanket I'm in the middle of crocheting
  • buy some posterboard and make some art for my office and bedroom walls
  • make some homemade curtains for my office and bedroom

I started this post a couple of days ago, and I feel like I had more ideas then than I do now. I really can't wait to get started. I'm going to try to post parts of the projects along the way.

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